Work with a well-established financial house. Here's why.

As independent financial advisers, we understand why advisers might choose to work for themselves rather than for a large financial house tied to one set of products or financial services. And, lately, we’ve blogged about what it means to be an independent financial adviser and some of the challenges of this position.

Are you starting out as an independent financial adviser? We’d like to talk to you about why you should consider working with a well-established financial house like TRG.

Here are three benefits to working with a financial house rather than going it alone

1. Access to resources

Starting your own business isn’t easy, no matter the industry, and there’s a lot to be said for working with a firm with established resources. Depending on your working agreement, this could include office space, administrative staff, or training opportunities. Take the pressure off some of your start-up concerns and work with those who’ve already walked that path.

2. Opportunity to connect

Financial services can be a tough business and education is not always enough to ensure your (or your clients’) success. Working with an established financial house will bring you into contact with experienced advisers and give you the opportunity to establish a network that can support you throughout your career. It can also be a great place to find a mentor. Having someone to guide you through some of the challenges of being an adviser can be invaluable, especially when you’re starting out.

3. Staying on top of the research

With our years of experience and established systems, we offer our affiliated advisers and clients access to the latest market research and analysis, as well as superior wealth management tools. Instead of operating in isolation, having established systems in place will help you to keep up with changes in the market and offer your clients superior advice.

Are you starting out as an independent financial adviser or looking for a position in an established firm? Want to work with a team who understands your needs and concerns? Talk to us – at TRG, we love being independent financial advisers and enjoy working with confident, interested individuals who are looking to give their clients the best advice at all times.

Thinking of working with a financial house? Here’s why you should.