Why we love being independent advisers

At TRG, we are proud of our independent status. It gives us freedom – freedom to choose from a range of financial products, freedom to choose the right financial solutions for our clients, and freedom to do business our way.

Firstly, unlike tied agents (who are affiliated to one financial house), our independent status gives us the ability to choose from a wide range of financial products across the market. Because we are not restricted, we are able to give our clients the best advice for them, without the pressure of third party bias. And, because we care about our clients’ individual needs, we are pleased to report that our independent status means we are also able to access the best possible product terms. This is the way we like to do business – with our clients’ best interests and individual needs at heart.

Secondly, being independent goes beyond choosing the most suitable products for our clients. It also involves educating our clients on the best ways to manage their money. As independent advisers, we are not salespeople, we are professionals who care about preserving and growing our clients’ wealth and we do that through investing in our client relationships.

How we got here...

When The Robert Group was first formed, Claude, Jean, and Francois Robert were all consultants at Liberty Life who came together to form a group. In 2009, we left the Liberty Life group and started our own Independent Financial Services group. In 2010, TRG Insurance Brokers t/a The Robert Group was officially registered. This meant that we would now fully represent our clients’ interests and never again those of an insurance company.

Looking back over the years, we have achieved so much. We now have 10 professional advisers and hope to have our second CFP soon. We have partnered with TMJ Attorneys to create a specialist Fiduciary Services (Wills and Trusts) division called The Robert Group Fiduciary. We have been granted a Discretionary Asset Management license by the FSB which allows active management of our clients’ investments, the results of which are already bearing fruit for our clients. And we have grown our Assets Under Management (AUM) from just under R1 billion to just under R2 billion.

Want to work with professional independent financial advisers? Contact us – we can help you preserve, grow, and manage your wealth with the products most suitable for your needs.