Want to write a financial blog this year? Start with these questions.

The new year brings with it new year’s resolutions for your business and especially the ways in which you interact with your clients. As an independent financial adviser, you understand the importance of keeping in touch with and educating your clients in order to ensure a quality long-term relationship.

Thinking about writing a financial blog as one way to stay connected with the prospective and current clients (and stand out from the crowd as a unique voice)? But not sure where to start? Here are some questions to get you started on creating content that will get your blog read and shared by your ideal audience.

Questions to ask yourself about your financial blog

1. Who am I blogging for?

Understanding your target market is key to creating a blog that makes an impact and attracts clients that are a good match for your business. While your choice of content might be accessible enough for any audience, it’s best to have a narrowly defined group in mind and allow this to define the topics you write about. Are you targeting young, single professionals, parents, or retirees with substantial wealth? Know your people, speak to them, and showcase your niche offerings.

2. Why would a client want to read this?

Life is full and people are busy which means even clients who are online all day are becoming more selective about what they read and what they spend their time on. Be sure to show that, by sharing your thoughts, you are offering the reader something of value, be it knowledge, insight, or an actual product / benefit. Read your blog as a client would and ask yourself, “By reading this, what’s in it for me?”

3. Does the heading explain what the blog post is about?

Back to being busy – the most effective topic headings are clear, to the point, and tell the reader exactly what to expect in the content that follows. If you can make the heading catchy, all the better, but clarity is a winner. Use questions to draw your reader in – for example, “Working parent? Make your money work for you in 2018” is more appealing that “Financial considerations for workers.”

4. Is there a clear call to action?

A call to action (CTA) is a moment in your blog post that asks the reader to do something – to take some action – whether it is signing up for a newsletter or making an appointment. Try to include some form of CTA in every post so that there is the opportunity of connection between you and your current and prospective clients. Also strive for variety – a download, sign up form, a free consultation – give your reader what they want and you’ll grow your leads.

5. How often am I going to post?

If you don’t post on a regular basis, you will lose readers and/or fail to have an impact on those that do bother to check in. Put in place a system to ensure that you do post regularly and that your content is fresh, relevant, and error-free. Make it a weekly task or work with trusted guest bloggers to get the job done.

At TRG, we believe in nurturing strong client relationships and in using the latest tools to connect with and support them and the independent financial advisers they work with. Through our insurance and investment and wealth management offerings, we strive to offer our network of advisers and their clients the best possible resources and products to achieve long-term financial success.

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