Three ways to build client trust this year.

As an independent financial adviser, you understand that your business is built on your relationships with your clients and that a large part of keeping those relationships alive in the long-term is trust. That is what you are offering your clients and what they have come to expect from you.

So, it’s probably the case that maintaining and growing that trust will be a key action item on your new year’s resolution list, this year and every year to come. As strong believers in creating genuine trust in our dealings with our affiliated financial teams and our clients, we have some great ideas for building client trust in 2018 and we’d love to share them with you.

Three things to do to build client trust

1. Place education first

More important than completing the sale of a financial product is knowing that you have helped to improve your clients’ lives by safeguarding their wellbeing. So, focus on providing them with quality information and taking the time to answer any questions they might have about their financial situation or goals. Building trust through knowledge conversations will show your client that you care about more than just your pay cheque. Be a professional guide and watch your relationship with your client grow and strengthen.

2. Do what you say you’re doing to do

Trust is about delivering on your promises and not letting people down, especially not those individuals who are trusting your with their finances. If you say you’re going to contact your clients every week, do so. Be consistent and considerate of their time and their money – why would they trust you with their wealth if you can’t do something as basic as keep a time-based commitment? It’s simple – be specific in your words, do what you’ve promised in your actions, and be proud when you watch your credibility soar.

3. Show gratitude

Research shows that displays of gratitude increase trust. By showing your client that you are grateful for their business – that they are important to you and that you truly care about their wellbeing – you will increase their trust in you tenfold. Implement a client care or thank you programme in your business and make sure your clients know that they are valuable and that you are focused on ensuring their success. This will make you more relatable and show your clients that you are working on your relationship, not just your own financial gain.

At TRG, we believe in working with independent financial advisers that care for their clients in a genuine and respectful way. We believe in trust and in supporting our advisers (and their clients) with the latest resources and tools. Want to work with a team that understands the importance of nurturing strong relationships?

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