Three more reasons to work with an independent financial adviser.

It’s no secret that we love being independent financial advisers. And we’re always interested in sharing why we think working with an independent provider (as opposed to a tied financial agent) is a good idea.

A while ago on the blog, we highlighted three big reasons to work with an independent financial adviser – their freedom to choose from a range of products from those that best suit your needs, their commitment to long-term relationships based on more than a set salary, and tailored advice for you as an individual rather than a number in a pre-determined group.

Need more convincing to go the independent route rather than a large financial house? About to hire someone new to help you manage your wealth? We’ve got three more reasons why you should consider an independent adviser.

More reasons to work with an independent financial adviser

1. A trust-based relationship

Independent financial advisers need to nurture their relationships with their clients – they aren’t simply given a set of portfolios to manage. This means that, in order to establish and maintain a long-term relationship, an independent financial adviser needs to get to know you as an individual as well as prove to you that they are credible, reputable, and reliable in the long term. This means they are more likely to offer you regular interactions and personalised attention – both good for your portfolio.

2. A big picture approach

Because they don’t sell just one product (for example, insurance), independent advisers often have a range of clients, products, and interests. This means their advice is diverse and detailed – and, if they are good at their job, it should be up-to-date as well. In this way, they are used to managing full portfolios, and can cover your whole financial life cycle, from your initial investments to your retirement plan.

3. The benefits of a team effort

When you work with a large financial house, you will more than likely only have one point of contact with one set of expertise. Because reputable independent financial advisers work with a wide range of providers and products, they will have access to teams of experts with varying skills and interests – a support structure that they can use to bolster your financial plans and help protect and grow your wealth.

Want to work with a team of independent financial advisers who understand that you are an individual and that your wealth needs to be managed with a customised plan? Talk to us. We offer a wide range of financial services, from insurance to investment management, and we believe in sustaining trust-based, long-term relationships with all our clients to ensure the growth of their wealth for generations to come.

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