Questions a new client might ask? Here are three more to add to your list.

We’ve recently written two blog posts on the questions a new client might ask you (read them here and here) but we all know that most clients have more than just six questions they want answers to before agreeing to work with a new financial adviser. And, no matter how many years you’ve been in the business, if you want to secure that client, you need to be prepared with well-thought-out answers.

The list of possible questions is a lengthy one – as every client is an individual – but we’ve covered some of the most common ones we’ve heard over the years. Let us know – we’d love to hear if these are the same as yours or if you’ve had other questions that keep coming up. For now, we’re giving you three more questions to add to your list.

 Questions a new client might ask

1. Will I work only with you?

Many clients worry that, once they’ve signed up with a financial adviser, they will never see them again. If you work as an independent financial adviser, reassure your clients that you will be their first point of contact and that you will be in touch on a regular basis (including a comprehensive annual review) to ensure that they are happy with your service and with how their money is being managed. If you work with a team of experts, take the time to explain exactly who works for you and with you, and why, clarifying each person’s role in the team and the value that they add to your client’s wealth plan.

2. Can you give me references like me?

Experience, expertise, and reputation are key factors in establishing your credibility with potential clients. They need to know that not only are you properly certified and experienced, you have worked with individuals just like them and that they are more than happy to recommend you. Don’t surprise your existing clients – contact them and ask if you might use them as a reference, then present their details to potential clients. A good reputation can go a long way to establishing your credibility and securing the client’s trust.

3. What does your retirement planning model look like?

While every client is an individual, most, if not all of them, plan on retiring one day. And retirement is a major cause of concern for most working professionals. It’s important to be able to provide them with insight into a comprehensive plan that will take into account elements like pension funds and taxes as well as major life changes like the death of a spouse, beneficiary updates, and lifetime goals, all tailored to the individual’s personal circumstances. If you can simply but respectfully explain your process when it comes to areas like retirement, it will help you to convince the client that you are the right adviser for the job.

An excellent adviser has their clients’ needs and concerns at heart, and is willing to show them the value a truly professional adviser can bring to managing their wealth. Do you work as an independent financial adviser? We can help you select the right products and tools for doing just that. Talk to us – we love being independent financial advisers and are interested in working with professionals who are dedicated to creating unique insurance and investment portfolios for their clients.

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