Just starting out as an adviser? Get a mentor.

The journey to becoming an excellent adviser can be a difficult one as the skills needed to succeed in the fast–paced financial services industry are many and ever-changing. Not only are technical and analytical skills paramount, so are relationship skills and the ability to connect with clients. Think you might need some help getting started?

Necessary qualifications aside, all young advisers looking to succeed should consider working with a mentor. A mentor can save you from costly, time-consuming mistakes and help you grow. And our experience tells us they could just be the difference between making a success of your career and simply struggling along.

Not convinced? Here are 5 big benefits to having a mentor

1. Practical advice

An experienced mentor has been there, done that. When it comes to tricky situations like career advice, salary negotiations, how to deal with unethical practices, you need to turn to a respected, trustworthy mentor who will offer you practical, straightforward advice designed to keep your career safely on track.

2. Stay focused

A mentor can help you focus on your goals and what’s in your control. The financial services industry can be a pressurised place, with lots of demands and expectations, especially if you are trying to start your own business at the same time. A mentor can help you decide where to focus and for how long.

3. A chance to learn about clients

Successful advisers have excellent client relationships and are skilled communicators. While you might have great qualifications and knowledge, you will be dealing with real people and it pays to learn how best to communicate with them so that they feel acknowledged and understood. Ask your mentor to take you to client meetings and teach you about their communication plan.

4. Access to their network

You might not get direct clients from your mentor but, if they are well-established and respected, you will gain access to their network of fellow advisers, support staff, and other resources. All of these can be invaluable touch points throughout your career, helping you to get established.

5. Support

Starting off as a financial adviser can be lonely and difficult at times. It helps to have a supportive mentor who understand where you’re at and can be there to offer words of encouragement in the tough times and share in the celebration of your successes.

Are you starting out as an independent financial adviser? Want to work with a team who understands your needs and can help you grow? Talk to us – at TRG, we love being independent financial advisers and we are always on the lookout for smart, ambitious individuals who work hard and want success for themselves and their clients.

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