Four unique ways to thank your clients for their business this year.

As an independent financial adviser, you value your clients and their happiness is important to your success. Go beyond your standard stay-in-touch practice and show your clients that you appreciate their business with a unique end of year gift.

This will also give you an opportunity to remind them of the value of your relationship and, if you choose a gift with longevity, it can help to keep you top of mind throughout the coming year.

Four unique clients thank you gifts

1. Beyond the bottle

Enjoy giving a bottle of good wine to your clients at the end of the year? Take this gift one step further by giving loyal clients a crystal wine glass for every referral they’ve given you this year or every year they’ve been working with you. Add the bottle of wine but explain the rest of the gift to them as well. Once the bottle is gone, they will have the glasses to remind them that you’ve noticed their contribution to your success.

2. Give back

Instead of another trinket, donate to a worthy cause in your client’s name and send them a beautiful card noting their contribution. Be sure it’s a cause that will mean something to the client (or ask them to nominate a charity of their choice). A charitable act is a meaningful one and will help to unite you and your clients in the heart-warming act of giving to those that truly need it.

3. Give tickets

Instead of a physical gift, give your clients an experience that will create a wonderful memory and talking point. Box tickets to the rugby final, invitations to a top drawer whiskey tasting or gourmet meal experience, or host a cocktail party with an inspirational guest speaker. Align the experience with your clients’ interests or with your own, as they apply to your business. Keep it as simple or as elaborate as you like (depending on your style and budget) but make it an opportunity to highlight the importance you place on your client relationships and the value you bring to their lives, beyond being their financial manager.

4. Go personal

The real trick of a memorable gift is the extent to which it is personal to the person receiving it. Get to know your clients – make a list of their hobbies and interests or find out if they’re celebrated an important life event this year and then use that information to buy a relevant gift. An example is a magazine subscription in line with their favourite hobby. This will definitely make an impression and will show your client that you do care about them as an individual, rather than just seeing them as a number.

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