Five steps to building a successful investment plan.

Whether you’re saving for your future retirement or building a university fund for your teenager, a smart, diversified investment strategy is essential. Get educated and get ready for hard – but rewarding – work, with these key investment management steps.

Steps to build a successful investment plan

1. Have an end in mind

Your purpose for investing is very personal. Perhaps it’s travel after retirement. Maybe you’d like to care for your parents when they’re elderly, or launch a new career. Whatever your “why”, knowing where you’re going will help you determine the rough sum of money it will take to get there.

2. Give it time

When it comes to investments, this is crucial. While some short-term investments may serve you, you should generally have the long-game in mind. Markets can be volatile day-to-day, but a solid portfolio based on your purpose, risk tolerance and regular savings should deliver consistently positive returns long-term.

3. Explore your options

For example, your company may offer impressive subdivisions of payments to the in-house provident fund. Short-term portfolios could yield the best results for that university fund, or you may find an RA (retirement annuity) that really suits your needs. Exploring the options at your disposal could help you take advantage of maximum saving opportunities.

4. Invest with the experts

The most successful portfolios didn’t come together by chance. They are diversified across investment vehicles and exchanges, while also nodding towards sectors and/or geographic regions that are likely to perform well. At The Robert Group, this responsibility is ours. We help you maximise your earnings while avoiding common investment pitfalls. Our Independent Financial Advisors offer you a financial needs analysis, customised financial advice, and portfolio matching and management to achieve your investment goals.

5. Put yourself first

Translation: pay yourself first. Don’t wait until the end of the month to see what you have left to invest. Treat it like a fixed expense, prioritising your investment above other monthly to-do’s. Since your salary is your biggest wealth generator, it’s best to time your investment payments with your income. While getting started is typically the hardest part of the investment process, it’s just as important to grow as you go. Each year, increase the percentage of what you put away – however small the increment. This is not only an essential practice of discipline, but of course bodes well for your portfolio over time.

Ready to start putting these investment steps into motion? The Robert Group is here to guide your private wealth experience, offering you and your family security today, and prosperity long-term.

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