Do you really need an independent financial adviser?

If you want to be not just financially stable but prosperous (to be able to use your money to achieve your dreams and aspirations for your family) then you need the help of an expert. You need an independent financial adviser (IFA). Many people think that they need to have complicated finances, great wealth, or special circumstances to enlist the help of this kind of professional but that is simply not the case.

Life is full and busy (and changes all the time) and sometimes we don’t know what is best for our families when it comes to managing our wealth – especially as many of our family members have competing needs. In deciding to work with an IFA, you are choosing to make your financial stability and growth the foundation of your life, giving it the proper attention it deserves. Working with a financial professional – like an IFA – means getting independent advice on financial strategies and products that best suit your family’s needs.

Three smart reasons to hire an IFA

  1. Family matters

    If you are in a relationship or have dependants, you will be dealing with a number of different financial needs. A reputable IFA will help you prioritise your financial responsibilities to the benefit of your whole family, today and as your family grows and changes with time.

  2. Fewer restrictions

    An IFA (working with a smaller financial house) might not have the backing of a very large financial institution but they are free to select from a wide range of products across the market and can therefore select the best products for you rather than trying to make you fit into their house’s offerings.

  3. Personalised attention

    Because most IFAs are only paid for the advice they give you, they do not receive a salary (like tied agents). That means they are often more motivated to get the job done while working towards establishing and securing long-term relationships with their clients. This bodes well for your financial plan over time and helps to ensure that your IFA gets to truly know your needs and aspirations and works to help you achieve them.

While some people might be reluctant to pay for a professional helping hand, working with a reputable firm of independent financial advisers will actually save you time, energy, and ultimately money in the long run. It’s the smart move and you should make it as soon as possible. And the team at TRG is here to help you make it. For insurance and investment guidance tailored for each stage of your life journey, talk to us today.

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