Are you old enough to be a financial adviser? Tips on overcoming age bias.

You’re a qualified financial adviser and you’re slowly starting to build your client base. You have the education, the skills, and the people smarts... the only problem? You’re younger – younger than what your prospective clients expected – and you look it. And that makes people nervous about trusting you with managing their wealth.

We understand that, if you have the right expertise and experience, youth doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not up for the job. So, we’ve got some top tips for you on how to overcome age bias in the financial services industry.

3 smart ways to overcome age bias

1.  First impressions count

Business attire might have relaxed over the years but money is still a serious business and investors want to work with someone that looks the part. Remember that first impressions count so spend time considering how others see you. It sounds simple but being presentable can go a low way to establishing a competent and reliable image.

2. Be confident

Confidence is attractive and the truth is if you don’t believe in yourself (and sell that), no one else should have to believe in you. When speaking to a new client, establish your credibility by focusing on your qualifications, experiences with other clients, and wealth strategies. Be clear and consistent and show them you know what you’re talking about.

3. Get a mentor 

Offering valuable advice, a mentor can guide you in how to manage the early years of your new business. They can also be a great reference point for clients who feel your qualifications are not enough and who would prefer to see that you have the support of a more experienced individual. Leverage this experience and you could see better results when it comes to sealing the deal with new clients.

Youth can be an asset if you can clearly show prospective clients that you’ve achieved a lot professionally in a short amount of time – from formal qualifications to valuable experiences. If so, instead of hampering your potential relationships with new clients, this can work in your favour as many clients will feel confident working with a younger individual who is clearly driven to succeed and able to move with the times.

Looking for some support? Or to work with a mentor or team with experience? Call us – as independent financial advisers, we are interested in working with independent advisers that are keen to learn and driven to succeed.

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