Changes at The Robert Group

It is with great excitement that I write this letter. As a company, we have been on an epic adventure of growth from three family members striking out on their own to an established wealth manager that manages close on 2 billion rands’ worth of client assets.

For every single family member, friend, colleague, and client that has joined us along the way, we are grateful for the trust that has been placed in us and for the special bonds that we have formed over the years. The joy that we get from doing what we love and making an impact in the lives of people we care about is humbling. This is why we get up every morning and do what we do. That will never change.

There are other things, however, that need to be left behind in order for us to move forward. One of those is our branding.


When The Robert Group was first formed, Claude, Jean, and Francois Robert were all consultants at Liberty Life who came together to form a group. Our logo depicted this - a  square with three circles inside it being the three Roberts coming together.

In 2009, we left the Liberty Life group and started our own Independent Financial Services group. In 2010, TRG Insurance Brokers t/a The Robert Group was officially registered. We already had offices, a client base, and a brand so while it may have seemed a technicality to our clients, for us it was a major move. It meant that we would now fully represent our clients’ interests and never again those of an insurance company.

Looking back over the years, we have achieved so much. We now have 10 professional advisers and hope to have our second CFP soon. We have partnered with TMJ Attorneys to create a specialist Fiduciary Services (Wills and Trusts) division called The Robert Group Fiduciary. We have been granted a Discretionary Asset Management license by the FSB which allows active management of our clients’ investments, the results of which are already bearing fruit for our clients. And we have grown our Assets Under Management (AUM) from just under R1 billion to just under R2 billion.


The brand that we have used to represent us has served us particularly well over the last 15 years. It has represented honesty, integrity, and trust in an industry where those traits are so often lacking. However, that brand also represents three individuals. In contrast, our family-orientated company has now grown to be more about how we, as a team, can best serve you, our clients. We wanted a logo and a brand that represented that.

It is with much pride that we launch the new and improved brand that will take us into the future. A brand that is true to the roots of who we are and where we come from but that also represents our goals for your wealth. What does it stand for? The TRG icon represents The Robert Group while the ascending arrow in the "G" represents our commitment to the growth of your wealth. Our tagline has also changed to "Private Wealth” as this more accurately reflects our service offering and clients.

Thank you for everything that you mean to us and our company. We look forward to working with you for many more prosperous years.

Yours in wealth,
Lance Robert