A fiduciary is an individual or organization legally responsible for managing assets on behalf of someone else. 

As part of our Fiduciary service we offer the following:

  • Reviewing current Wills and drafting of new Wills, to ensure that Wills are tailored to carry out your wishes and directives.
  • Taking Executor appointments with the emphasis on fee transparency to ensure that executor’s fees are both fair and reasonable and that your appointed executor is not the biggest creditor of your Estate.
  • Deceased Estates administration, centred around professionalism, expedience and empathy in what is often an emotional and financially difficult time for loved ones.
  • Drafting and registering of Family Trusts, Business Trusts and Property Trusts to facilitate your long term estate planning objectives with emphasis on asset protection and reduction in death costs and duties.
  • Taking Independent Trustee appointments, to ensure proper trust governance and separation between the control (Trustees) and enjoyment (Beneficiaries) of the trust assets.
  • Reviewing and Drafting amendments to existing Trust Deeds often required to ensure better tax efficiencies, remove any controlling issues which  could undermine the legitimacy of a trust and improve on the overall administration of the trust.
  • Facilitating resignation and appointments of Trustees through the Masters Office.
  • Efficient Trust Administration through electronic signatures & online folders.
  • Trust tax compliance.